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Coro Coro Comics Special 35th Anniversary 3DS

This year, monthly comic magazine Coro Coro Comics will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, and to celebrate, they have joined up with Nintendo to release this special 3DS which you can see above. Details have not been given as to how you can get your hands on this unique 3DS, but more information will be […]

New Pokémon Keldeo Revealed

Japanese magazine Coro Coro have lifted the lid on the 647th Pokémon, Keldeo. It joins the legendary Virizion, Cobalion and Terrakion. This new Pokémon has been unveiled as the star of the 15th Pokemon movie – Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsman. Keldeo is a Water/Fighting Pokémon and belongs to the Colt Pokemon species. Take a […]