New Mario Tennis Open Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Check out the new trailer Nintendo have released for Mario Tennis Open. The trailer shows us the ‘special games’ which see you attempt several mini games that are influenced by a number of Mario titles. Mario Tennis Open is due for release May 25th in Europe and May 20th in North America. Advertisements

Release Dates For Kingdom Hearts 3D And Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy In North America And Europe

Square Enix have been good to us today, announcing the release dates for Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on Nintendo 3DS for North America and Europe. Theathrhythm: Final Fantasy will hit N. America on July 3rd while Europe will get it July 6th. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will make its way to N. […]

Unboxing Video Of The Cobalt Blue 3DS

Earlier this month, Nintendo of Japan revealed that they would be releasing a gorgeous new Cobalt Blue 3DS. Yesterday it went on sale in Japan (March 22nd), and below we have an unboxing video of the Cobalt Blue 3DS for you to watch. Many thanks to @NintendoTweet for the heads up! We want this even […]

Coro Coro Comics Special 35th Anniversary 3DS

This year, monthly comic magazine Coro Coro Comics will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, and to celebrate, they have joined up with Nintendo to release this special 3DS which you can see above. Details have not been given as to how you can get your hands on this unique 3DS, but more information will be […]

Cobalt Blue 3DS? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Check out the picture of the Cobalt Blue 3DS that Nintendo of Japan released. The Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS console goes on sale on March 22nd, and will retail at 15,000 yen. There is yet to be an announcement from Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America of the Cobalt 3DS being released in those […]

First Shaun The Sheep Episode Heading To 3DS This Week

Nintendo UK have announced that the first 3D episode of Shaun the Sheep will be available this Wednesday, 7th March, and only Nintendo 3DS owners can receive the episodes via Nintendo Video. A new episode is due every week through SpotPass, with this Wednesday seeing the first. They’re all free and exclusive to 3DS through Nintendo Video. […]

Exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Included In Nintendo Magazines

The newest issues of Game Informer and Official Nintendo Magazine UK (please note, the AR cards are not included in the issue currently hitting shelves) include exclusive Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards. Game Informer includes one AR Card, which can be seen below, and the April 5th issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK will include an exclusive set […]