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Zelda Wii U Will Look ‘Nice And Expensive’

After seeing Zelda for the Wii U at E3 2011, we have been craving for more information and screenshots, to see if its going to live up to the Zelda HD Experience that we laid our beady little eyes on already. Satoru Iwata explained that not all the games will take a high cost graphical approach, but he did assure us that Zelda will look “nice and expensive”.

“Having said that, however, as I mentioned, it is true that, in some software areas, we need to be engaged in the power games. Take The Legend of Zelda franchise, for example, the fans must be looking for the graphic representations that they do not see as cheap at all when the title is released for the Wii U. When it is necessary, we do not hesitate to role [sic] out our resources.”


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