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DLC For Super Mario 3D Land Could Be Possible

Nintendo boss man Satoru Iwata has said that he is considering DLC for Super Mario 3D Land. He reckons DLC is another key way the company can further lengthen its games’ time in the spotlight, by keeping its existing owners talking about it to potential future buyers. Iwata said: “The idea of supplying new stages to […]

Miyamoto Looking For Nintendo’s Next ‘Big Hit’

Legendary creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said that he’s still actively involved in finding the next ‘big hit’ for Nintendo. Miyamoto said: “I am spending more time than before on finding new ideas for new developments rather than focusing my energy on work in my (development) teams in order to solidify the contents of (existing) franchise […]

Zelda Wii U Will Look ‘Nice And Expensive’

After seeing Zelda for the Wii U at E3 2011, we have been craving for more information and screenshots, to see if its going to live up to the Zelda HD Experience that we laid our beady little eyes on already. Satoru Iwata explained that not all the games will take a high cost graphical approach, but […]

Coral Pink 3DS Available On Its Own In The US For Valentine’s Day

Nintendo of America has announced today that the Coral Pink Nintendo 3DS console will be available to purchase separately starting from February 10th. It was previously only released as a bundle with Nintendogs. Strangely, the suggested retail price of the Pink 3DS on its own is the same as it was bundled with Nintendogs was $169.99. […]

Wii U Not Called A Home Console?

During a conversation with investors, Satoru Iwata has suggested that the Wii U may not be referred to as a home console. Iwata said: “As for the Wii U, although this system is categorized in the general video game description of a home console system, the play styles the company is proposing with the Wii U are […]

Latest UK Charts – How Did Resident Evil: Revelations Do?

The latest UK Charts have been released today. Resident Evil: Revelations takes pride of place in the 3DS charts, as Mario Kart 7 got hit with a blue shell and bumped down to 2nd place. Not a bad start for its debut. However, it sits in 6th place in the all format chart, with FIFA 12 […]

Nintendo Team Up With NTT For Voice Recognition

NHK have reported that Nintendo is working together with NTT on speech recognition technology. This technology can convert voices into text and is meant to assist disabled children in the classroom. Nintendo’s involvement seems to be through the use of the DS. Check out the video here on NHK’s website.